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PPP Infotech Ltd.
A Profile

The history of PPP is as old as the history of Internet in India itself. Beginning within months of Internetís arrival in India, the company has grown in products and services, expertise and reputation as Internet revolution snowballed into a real peopleís movement.

Founded in 1995, PPP is perhaps the only company in India which shunned the popular way of tapping the IT pie, that is by harnessing offshore software development contracts, body-shopping and the like. Instead, we invested on technology development and that paid dividends. The company is the first in India to come out with Internet products when product development was not an accepted practice at all in India. The products went on to become real hits not just in India, but abroad too. The media reports, the feedback by users and our growth in the Indian and global markets testify to this success.

PPP started with software and utilities, scripts for UNIX shell accounts, creation of Internet databases and promotion of Internet through tailor-made workshops. It founded the Chennai chapter of the Internet Users Club of India (IUCI) and acted as an agent between various agencies to propel the growth of Internet use in the southern part of the country.

PPP was also instrumental in unleashing the Internet booth revolution in Chennai, which led the way for the whole country. From just about seven, the number of Internet browsing centres in the city galloped to a whopping 300, thanks to the gem of idea promoted by the company. Its maiden product, PPPshar, as media reports hailed, powered this growth.

It was the first and only company to enter the global market leveraging the Internet. It was also able to explore new markets and develop products and solutions to suit the conditions in these markets. The company has proven expertise in Internet, Java & networking, E-commerce, Web database and Web programming.

With its dominant strength in the area of Internet and networking software, the company is all set to develop innovative technologies and software in the emerging area of Internet devices.


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